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Art for your Windows with timeless designs and new technique

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Silks in 30 plus colors + wool in over 100 different colors + lining in colors or neutrals + an easy head-rail anyone can install them self = Art for your Windows

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Child safety and modern technology for a simple but perfect piece of Art for your Window

About Me

My Background


I was trained in a custom drapery workroom at the age of 17. A couple years later I bought my first industrial sewing machine and opened my own workroom. My interest in design, my talent with creating, along with learning how to install the window coverings assisted me in custom window coverings . Later taking interest in art textile brought me to a new design. Art for your Windows

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as wool roving from sheep, alpaca, buffalo, angora bunny, and goats added to the sheer silk in many colors. Then the process of nuno felting with a hand sander creates shrinkage and texture. 

My Inspiration


I love color and texture. It is truly amazing every piece I do and how it turns out. My inspiration is the work that I have done that makes me anxious for the next creation. 


All orders are custom made. No exchanges or returns. If I have made an error yes exchanges will be made.

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